Digital EDOC: Online Databases of Digitized Chinese Texts

Most Recommended Resources:

CHANT (CHinese ANcient Texts) Centre 漢達古文獻資料庫中心

Scripta Sinica 漢籍電子文獻, Academia Sinica 中央研究院

Chinese Text Project 中國哲學書電子化計劃

UVirginia : Traditions of Exemplary Women《列女傳》, Zuo Zhuan《左傳》, Others

De Crespigny publications
E-Asia Digital Library, University of Oregon
Guodian database
Hanquan Database
The Western Regions according to the Hou Hanshu
Zoumalou Wu bamboo strips database

Digital EDOC: Online Resources for the Analysis of Chinese Texts

Most Recommended Resources:

Chinese Classics Concordances at UMass, including Starostin reconstruction database

Shanghai Normal University's 东方语言学 resources

David Branner's Yintong 音通 (Guangyun) database and tools